Tesa 4600 Extreme

Tesa 4600 is a black high resistance, self-welding silicon tape.

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tesa® 4600 is a black silicon, self-welding tape. The material is made flexible to fit tightly onto various surfaces, therefore providing an instant hermetic seal (Air tight). It can be used indoors and outdoors, with reliable results on oily, dirty or wet surfaces. Under water application is also possible. This silicon tape can also be used for temporary bonds and can be removed at any time without problems. The silicon base ensures a high resistance to various chemicals such as oils, acids, solvents, saltwater, UV exposure and high temperatures. The tapes elasticity helps with a tight wrap when repairing tubes and aids in it self welding/adhesion The tape needs to be held in tension when wraping items. This tape can be used for: Insulation and protect of wiring and connections. Sealing for engine compartments. Securing, wrapping and bundling applications in the marine industry. Wrapping hydraulic fitting and exposed metal connections to prevent corrosion.

Manufacture: tesa


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