About Us

Welcome to ISOWANT!

ISOWANT is an online store which offers its customers a wide range of products – which are tested in house by our own engineering team for their exceptional properties.

With inspiration from the engineering world, we noticed that its not so easy to find what you’re looking for – with no specifications of size, materials, performance, etc.

We want to supply you with quality off the shelf turn key solutions.

Setting ISOWANT apart from other sites, is it’s easy to navigate platform. With informative specification sheets and user guides and a variety of engineering products available – making it easy to ensure that you can find the right products with the right specifications for what you need to do. Our goal is to ensure that every user/customer is fully able to purchase and make use of the items acquired from us.

Industries that ISOWANT form a part of include: Fenestration, Fiberglass, Acrylic and Plexiglas, Steel, Glass and Plastic – servicing the many needs that arise from the civil, mechanical and electrical engineering types. ISOWANT serves to deliver quality materials and prototypes which can integrate well with one another and with existing systems.

Although ISOWANT’s main focus is connecting users to the necessary product, it also has the capability to prototype and validate products which have been designed externally. This means that if you can’t find what you’re looking for in our store (or what you’re looking for doesn’t exist), our capable team can prototype your design and develop a product alongside you.

Our values at ISOWANT are simple; we supply quality assured products that meet an engineering standard, delivered to our customers for a reasonable price. We want to make it quick and easy to access engineering grade products from our online platform, no hassle – no confusion.

Our Story

ISOWANT is the brainchild of an engineering company that found the lack of available products ‘disturbing’. Our team spent time vetting and tracking down a collection of the best, most effective and cost conscious products to complete our projects.

This process is years in the making, through our engineering team’s many product developments, they had many separate needs which could not be met in a single place. Procurement had become something of a nightmare – with long lead times and a long list of supply and support problems.

We wound up with a design house full of extra stock to draw from due to the unreliable nature of suppliers. From this we developed ISOWANT, a play on the ISO standards and ‘so wanting’ the product – as we offer both off the shelf products and internally designed products.